Grizzly Art Collective, formally Grizzlys Art Tattoos, is a high class tattoo studio based in Wyken, Coventry. Originally Grizzlys Art Tattoos was set up by Grizzly, a very well known Coventry tattoo artist. He has been tattooing in Coventry for over 25 years and Grizzlys Art Tattoos was the first open plan studio to open in the city. Grizzly wanted to create an open plan studio because it’s a friendlier place to be, and enhances your tattoo experience. Creating the studio as an open plan layout makes it easy to see the excellent work being carried out by the artists. Also making it easier the see the very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the studio. Because of this our customers chat and have a laugh with each other, which we feel is an important part of feeling comfortable while being tattooed. We receive regular feedback from clients and friends of clients that we are one of the nicest, friendliest and most helpful studios they have visited, and it is a great place to come and be tattooed. We do have screens which we can use to give some privacy if required, so you’ll always feel comfortable no matter where your tattoo is placed. The high standard of our work is plain to see and the atmosphere is one of calm and fun which can be a difficult balance to achieve. The team we have assembled is a fine tuned machine and we pride ourselves in our ability to meet your desires.

So please feel free to come down and have a chat, maybe a tea or coffee and give us your ideas and you can rely on us to do the rest. We hope you have a wonderful experience at our studio, and leave feeling awesome with your new tattoo!